The wind smells like rain

And the ashes of all hopes

Thoughts and dreams

Swirl in the breeze

Ready to disappear, infinitely

The sky darkens

The sun slipping away behind cloud

Shadows lengthen

With ominous promise

And the light dies

The rain falls

Cold and cleansing

Wiping away all traces of the ash

The person

The life

Behind the facade

The smile, the bravado

She is disappearing

Heartbeat by heartbeat

Breath by breath

The reflection in the mirror


Until it disappears, infinitely



Random Poetry 2

Days stretch endlessly

Uncaring and tedious

An empty, bereft heart struggles to be -

Not to beat, for that is unthinking.


How do you find it?

That something, anything.

How do you make that glimmer, want, mind flick?

Real, substantial, fulfilling.

How do you sleep in tranquility

Calm, restorative, healing?

Not a battle or battering of the soul and mind.

How do you awake without dread

To fill that void, that nothing?

A change of perspective -

Finding worthy not worthless.

Finding that something, anything.

When alone is not just lonely again

When joy is not a wisp of a glimpse of a thought

When peace is not an unattainable imagining

Of an idea or ideal

Finding that something, anything.

Purpose. Life. Reason.



Pondering…Who Am I?

I am a series of dichotomies:

Complex but simple

Quiet but loud

Strong but insecure

Caring but cold

Intelligent but uneducated

Ruthless but sensitive

Loyal but detached

Calm but angry

Whole but hurt

Stable but searching

Content but unfulfilled

Creative but disillusioned

Beautiful but invisible

I am a portrait of the struggle to be accepted, in my entirety, for myself…

Found on “Bored Panda”

*Note: Originally penned as a Quora answer a while back, but still, very me.