Sarah Malone
2 min readJul 22, 2021


A Random Fairy Tale, or The Princess, the Dragon and the Knight

Once upon a time, there was a princess who truly believed that the dragon was much maligned, misunderstood and undervalued. The princess made it a priority to try to accept and understand the dragon, to befriend and love the dragon.

With every attempt she made, the dragon would breathe fire at her and burn her. The dragon would thrash its tail and knock her down, and once she had fallen, would step on her. The dragon laughed at and ridiculed her attempts to exist in peace and tranquility, with respect and honour.

This was their dance; everyday the same. The princess struggled with how to make the dragon understand her and failing to do so was exacting a price. As hard as she tried, she didn’t succeed. Soon the struggle became overwhelming.

The princess finally broke and let the dragon win. She hid behind the castle walls and locked herself in the tower room. She stopped caring and trying. She accepted that the dragon would not exist in any other state than fear and hatred.

But the dragon was not content with having bettered the princess. It breached the castle walls and began to destroy the tower, battering the defences until the princess was exposed and vulnerable, alone and undefended against the rage and insanity of the dragon.

As she wearily drew herself up, to face her fate, a hand was extended. She looked up to see a knight, steadfast and true. A beacon of friendship and kindness, the knight gently helped her to her feet and stood beside her, as she prepared for the battle. Although serving another queen, the knight felt a kinship with the broken princess and made room for her in his heart.

Understanding that the princess must find her footing and her strength against the dragon, and that this fight could only be between the two, the knight was ever vigilant in his care. He listened to the princess and acted as advisor and sounding board. He was there and present.

Exuding a light and a calm like no other, the knight was ever at her side, as the dragon flamed and roared, attacking the princess on all sides, determined to crush her for all eternity. Each time the princess fell, the knight would catch her. Every time the princess cried, in hurt and despair, the knight would wipe her tears. As the princess forged ahead, the knight continued to stand by her, believing in her.

The onslaught dragged out, days, weeks, months…but finally the dragon began to tire, rebuffed over and over by the princess who was reinforced with the strength and fortitude of the knight. Though maybe only temporarily vanquished, the dragon flew off into the distance, and the princess could breathe and be, for a magical and beautiful moment.

The princess turned to the knight, with love and gratitude in her heart, and knew the wonder of peace and acceptance. She finally understood, that although the dragon would be forever her foe, never her friend, she didn’t have to stand alone against the darkness.