Sarah Malone
1 min readJul 13, 2022


Maybe It Ends Tomorrow

Maybe the hurt lessens tomorrow

Maybe reaching for warmth but waking alone will not be a stab in the heart

Maybe my knight who carries me through this emotional pit of empty, aching, loneliness will finally get a break

Maybe I will cry my losses just one last time

Maybe I will understand why

Maybe justice will be served

Maybe one step forward won’t be followed by two steps back

Maybe I can step away from an emotionally self destructive path

Maybe my smile will reach my eyes

Maybe I can honestly say I’m OK

Maybe I can have a future to look forward to

Maybe joy in the simple things will reappear

Maybe I will feel worthy and of worth

Maybe little things will matter

Maybe big things will matter

Maybe simple tasks will be simple again

Maybe harder tasks will be challenges not unbreachable obstacles

Maybe work will be a job and not a life

Maybe I can sleep and not wish to never wake up

Maybe tomorrow will be today…

NOTE: To the ones that know me, this is not meant to cause worry or concern. I just needed to express how I still feel lost and very out of sync with myself today. I move forward with the belief there will be, must be, a better tomorrow. I’d just like tomorrow to happen soon, because today still really sucks.