Sarah Malone
1 min readApr 12, 2020


Random Musing…Finding My Feet

I woke up this morning, in bed.

It doesn’t seem like such a huge accomplishment, but I haven’t been able to sleep a whole night in my bed since my husband was killed.

The couch and I, however, have been besties since February, and as a bestie, the couch is definitely lacking…comfort, rest, peace. Along with the tears of an empty heart and a numb soul, I have found kinks in places I didn’t know could kink on that couch. Aches and pains that I shouldn’t experience for another decade, at least.

But waking up today, in my bed, with the sun streaming through the gap in the curtains, a chilly breeze dancing across my face, with the herd curled up around me, I had a hint of hope, a possibility of moving forward and a belief that I might be…ok.

I’m still beyond sad. I’m still so very lonely. I still don’t understand why.

But I can look forward to going to bed. A simple, necessary and utterly normal part of living my life.

I’m finding my feet…