Random Poetry 2

Days stretch endlessly

Uncaring and tedious

An empty, bereft heart struggles to be -

Not to beat, for that is unthinking.


How do you find it?

That something, anything.

How do you make that glimmer, want, mind flick?

Real, substantial, fulfilling.

How do you sleep in tranquility

Calm, restorative, healing?

Not a battle or battering of the soul and mind.

How do you awake without dread

To fill that void, that nothing?

A change of perspective -

Finding worthy not worthless.

Finding that something, anything.

When alone is not just lonely again

When joy is not a wisp of a glimpse of a thought

When peace is not an unattainable imagining

Of an idea or ideal

Finding that something, anything.

Purpose. Life. Reason.



Sharing random musings of an invisible life…

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